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Big Merch Package

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The Eden Apis is selling some irl merch in the goal of raising funds for new projects.

Here you can find the Biggest Package!

You will receive a nice envelope by post mail containing the following:

1 x A Thank you card hand signed by the owner of The Eden Apis

1 x Eden Apis Pen

5 x Hephia Magnet

6 x Hephia Sticker

4 x Extra Sticker

Other size package:

[Current] Big Merch Package

Large Merch Package

Medium Merch Package

Small Merch Package

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Last updated Aug 8, 2023

A Package by mail with Eden Apis Merch

1 Custom Pen
A Thank you card hand signed by the Owner of The Eden Apis
5 Magnets of Hephia
6 Stickers of Hephia
4 Special extra stickers
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Big Merch Package

0 ratings
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