Eden's Consent Badge

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- Eden Apis Consent Badge PC/Quest -

Everything is made from scratch.

  • Tris: 324
  • 1 material
  • Beautiful particle animation
  • Compatible both PC and Quest (optimized)
  • Unity 2022.3.6f1 recommended

🚨 Easy installation by simple drag and drop using VRC Fury


  1. Install VRC FURY. Download here: https://vrcfury.com/download/. Click Here if you want to add it to VCC.
  2. Install Poi Toon. Download here: Github Poiyomi Latest Version Download Page. Click Here to add Poiyomi Toon to VCC.
  3. Install the provided unity package after purchase.
  4. Go in the 'EdenBadge' folder and then enter either "VRC Fury Prefab PC" or "VRC Fury Prefab QUEST" Depending if you are upload for PC or Quest.
  5. Drag the prefab in the folder onto the desired armature bone. For the badge to be on the chest, drag and drop it on the chest bone.
  6. Once it's dropped on the right bone, inside the 3D view, simply place it on your avatar where you want it to be attached to. You don't need to hide the object or touch any parameters/animator. Thanks to VRC Fury, it's all automatic on upload!
  7. Upload and you are DONE

If you don't want to use VRC Fury, you'll have to edit your avatar's parameters and animator FX layer.

Video installation is available in The Eden Apis Discord Server, in the Tutorial section.

Verification required for access.

Terms of Use

  1. Grant of License: - Authorized Use: Purchase of "The Hair Pin" grants a non-transferable, non-exclusive license for personal and commercial use, subject to the terms herein. - Modifications: You may modify the product for personal use. For commercial use, any modification must include credit to The Eden Apis Group. - Ownership: Regardless of use, the product remains the intellectual property of The Eden Apis Group.
  2. Restrictions: - Resale: Reselling "The Hair Pin" in its original or modified form as a standalone product is prohibited. - Distribution: Sharing or distributing the product, free or otherwise, is forbidden. - Misuse: The product must not be used for slanderous, racist, political, religious, or offensive content. - R-18 Content: Permitted, provided all other terms are respected. Credit is required for commercial use unless the product is not directly mentioned.
  3. Limitations of Liability: - No Refunds: All sales are final. - Usage Responsibility: The buyer is responsible for understanding product use. The Eden Apis Group is not liable for misuse or buyer's misunderstanding. - No Liability for Damage: The Eden Apis Group is not responsible for any claims, damages, or other liabilities arising from product use.
  4. Contact: For inquiries (excluding product support): - Twitter: @TheEdenApis - Website: https://theedenapis.com - Discord: https://discord.gg/theedenapis


Good credit goes to my Krenki for the All Unity work.

No refunds on purchased assets

In case of help or questions:

Discord: lolmaxz

Discord server: https://discord.gg/theedenapis

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A Nice Special Badge

VRC Fury + Poi Toon
Color Change, Particle Toggle
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Eden's Consent Badge

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